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Fire Powder®:

Add to any Cake batter for some zing
Cocktail garnish – add a little Fire Powder to some sugar when you rim your glasses
Mixed into Cornbread or your Mama’s Mac’n’Cheese recipe

Mixed with butter or oil, stuffed under the skin of a Chicken before roasting

Mixed into Chili

Dusting on your Baked Potato

Mixed into your Hash Browns

This makes a wicked addition to a Grilled Cheese Sandwich!


Dropped into a glass of Chilled Vodka. 

You swirl it around, allowing the salt, the chocolate to come through – and then the heat comes at the end.

Swap in for chocolate chips in any Cookie recipe.
Chopped up and added to a Molé sauce.
Melt, dip strawberries or apples into it.

S’MORES time!

Chop and add to any Cookie or Cake batter

Chop and add to heated milk for a real Hot Chocolate

The most AWESOME Peanut Butter Sandwich ever! 

Fire Syrup – Jalapeño Simple Syrup:

Coffee mix in.

Sub in for any simple syrup in a Cocktail recipe, such as a Margarita, Old Fashioned, Manhattan, or Hot Toddy’s.

Drizzled over: 
Pancakes, Biscuits, Ice Cream, Grilled Peaches, Roasted Salmon, BBQ’d Chicken.

Use instead of apricot jam in Crockpot Apricot Chicken.

Swap in for corn syrup on your Smoked Brisket.

Use 1/2 syrup and 1/2 peanut butter to create an AMAZING Satay Sauce.

Applied with a paintbrush.

We want to hear how YOU have been using Little Bird’s products!!

What kinds of interesting and DELICIOUS ways have you used a Little Bird creation?

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